March 15, 2000
You go, girl
Posted by Tatsuya Ishida

First: Shout outs to all yas who spread the word. I'm so grateful I could treat each and every one of you to a Slurpee and some Fritos, but that's not gonna happen. Logistically, it's just not sound. Suffice to say, for every piece of encouragement received, I pump my fist in the air, make slapping motions with the other hand, and scream, "You like being nailed by the king???" So, as you can see, it's all very much appreciated. Muchas grassy-ass, dope fiends.

February 29, 2000
Yes. I am positive energy.
Posted by Tatsuya Ishida

Initially, I'd planned on making this a weekly essay. As it turns out, it's more a weakly written essay with the regularity of something that doesn't appear every week. Poor webpage-maintenance is, I'm told, the chief cause of viewer decline and a sure road to obscurity. And Lord knows we don't want that. Our goal here has always been to reach the safe-as-milk global pop mainstream, actively take part in the frenetic merchandising machine, and to put a little love in your heart. In that order. So please, stand by while our techies tend to the scheduling blips...

January 31, 2000
Because man does not live by porn alone
Posted by Tatsuya Ishida

While scoping out websites of like-minded artists, some very professional, some very not, I thought to myself: Funky cold Medina. Here survive the lost, unsung warriors of comic strip art, the Not-Ready-For-Syndication misfits and rejects, broke but not yet broken, peddling their labor of love like cheap whores (or, to use more delicate parlance, discount whores), in a grungy, backwoods subculture of freelance burnouts and dreamers. Sounds like my kind of place. Let's tango and cash y'all.

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