Anti Vax Prevalence

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Re: Anti Vax Prevalence

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Sorry, Russly. It's my destiny to fuck around and find out.

Jessica Yaniv is basically this weirdo who got famous for pursuing a non-discrimination suit because a women's salon wouldn't wax their balls or something. It's really dumb and I think they're a figure used to fuel outrage politics, especially since they make appearances on conservative talk shows.

Poe's Law is just the inability to distinguish between genuine human fuckery and satire/fakeness.
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Re: Anti Vax Prevalence

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Destiny huh hahahaha okay when you do find out you may have to let me know lol, even if that means you informing me when we're in the afterlife! Damn Poe's Law really is as bad as Murphy's huh... anyway yeah that Yaniv character there are now so many trolls like that for sure. It's kind of bad when their whole life is a troll from start to finish yeah.... Same goes for social media profiles getting out of control without the person knowing whatever reason it's because of. :o

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Re: Anti Vax Prevalence

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I'm glad it's not just me seeing the anti-vaxxer and SWERF and TERF garbage.

I really am wondering about the author over it too.
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