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Considering a review thread

Post by BabyFem »

Hello everyone! I am back and finally figured out how to make a more custom avatar [via uploading it after resizing and compressing it a few times]. It all started with me taking a panel and text from Sinfest comics. I opened MS Paint and did my magic before aforementioned editing in order to let it upload. I'm impressed with the results and now feel better about this account. But we are not here to talk about forum icons. We're here because I've got something more meaningful to say!

I've been following Sinfest for a few years now (my has time flown!) and I've been invested in it ever since. Sure, some of the strips infuriate me for one reason or another, but even then I continue to come back to it. I think it's the creativity involved and the tendency for my brain to build upon the ideas and characters presented in the comic. That being said, I really want to put my thoughts out there on a forum that would be receptive to hearing my thoughts, both positive and more critical. There is another place elsewhere that people talk about Sinfest, but sometimes I still feel a little nervous to post on there because they're mostly critical and I'd rather not be potentially laughed at for liking a controversial strip or two. Trolls are gonna troll, but I'm still not out to bring trouble upon myself.

My thought is that I'd begin my analysis from when Sinfest took its feminist turn (I forgot the exact date that Xanthe showed up, but I'm sure I'll find it). From there, I would continue to read until the present strips, but I don't think that would be for awhile considering how wordy I can get about one strip alone. I would begin from the start of Sinfest, but I didn't quite like the strips at all from the first few years due to the overly edgy and sometimes racist humor. It's just not my thing. But yeah, I'm thinking that maybe I'll create my own thread that will become pages and pages long. I'm curious to see just how many posts and pages I'll make. I just wonder if anyone will read it.

...But even if I am the only one who reads it, surely that is reason enough to write my thoughts. My writing should not be about pleasing other people, but rather creating sparks of joy for myself. That's a great deal of what makes the written word so valuable in the eyes of readers and the writers themselves.
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Re: Considering a review thread

Post by Z6IIAB »

The fact that you don't sound like a dudebro who's gonna mourn the old sinfest days or a gender cultist who's condemning the current ones, really is promising. But then you still insist in assuming this forum is dead simply because you don't come here as often. Check again. While few, we're still pretty alive and operant lol. Don't worry, you'll have people reading your reviews.
Call me Celina. This forum still have a long way to go until it gets filled with its intended public. And I'll do my best to help us reach that goal. I'm a battleaxe, and when you hear my voice it'll be as loud as a thunder and as clear as a blue sky.
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Re: Considering a review thread

Post by Russly »

So... this is pretty much the defining article on everything that went wrong with Sinfest. Note that I say wrong and not 'wrong' because this is according to popular opinion. I've pretty much angled any critique on the comic on this criteria because it's the only in depth analysis openly available to the public from my research. I'm sure anyone familiar enough with the comic is at least aware of the review.

I agree that unlike dudebros this does not sound like a review type that merits any ban hammer. Fact is in these parts -not being banned- is the metric for success! This sounds almost like a counter-review to highlight the feminist changes specifically. Sounds legit though my one concern would be it just amounting to simply being the other side of the reviews coin.... That article I posted cites the exact dates and history for these changes though so it's good, at the very least, as a record to get to those strips from.

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