May 15, 2022: Tribulation 45

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May 15, 2022: Tribulation 45

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Ah yes. Twitter is 'fighting the power' as always. Who/what the power is depends on who you ask though.

The handmaids get told all about freedom, liberty, and their rights as human beings in America. If only they'd rise up against their oppressors and get jobs that don't involve debasing themselves. Is that the summary of it?
I'm still not sure what to make of the techno pimp/ho culture and how it ties to Wokeness in the world of Sinfest. I guess because Wokeness is generally very sex positive? They're certainly not shy that's for sure. It's acknowledged that no one is being coerced to do anything, but it's treated like they don't know any better. Their internalized misogyny precludes any true free will, some might say. If you believe in that sort of thing. That's my biggest stumbling block of understanding about the kind of philosophy on display here. I want to believe in free will. I want to believe that people make their own choices. That *I* make my own choices.
Tat seems hellbent on pushing the belief that free will only goes so far. It's hobbled by the expectations of society and the necessary evil's of trying to make a living. Somehow we're all being brainwashed to think a certain way. Is that really true though? It seems like there are more rebels than normal folks these days. Although they are definitely the soft only-on-the-weekend sort of rebel.

These women are painted as meek servants who labor beneath a metaphorical lash. I would say their real world counterparts are nothing like that. That if you spoke to the 'ho's' of the real world (E-girls and Onlyfans thots and such), they'd be brassy and consider themselves empowered. They're keeping all the dough they earn for themselves alone with no pimp-figure involved. Perhaps Tat would say their shackles are subtle and invisible. These women don't realize how they're being controlled and kept down.
I'm a man so I guess I'm ill-suited to gauge women's issues. I don't understand what's going on in Lady Town. They don't *look* all that oppressed from where I'm standing but what do I know?
Don't like your job? Don't work there. Don't like your clothes? Wear something else. Who/Where exactly are the secret police who enforce behavior on women? I've never seen them. Seems like they're free to say/believe/do whatever they please. I don't get how they could be any more free. Well I guess there's the abortion issue that's currently happening but that's not specifically related to this comic (has Tat weighed in on abortion?) The argument could be made that abortion laws infringe on the rights of women. Fair enough. However, I can't think of anything else. So I'll ask again: How could women be more free than they already are?
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Re: May 15, 2022: Tribulation 45

Post by Russly »

It's the unrestricted nature of that energy which does them in. I have personally witnessed what will happen in the downfall of those women when they do go wrong. Suicides and such, it happens. But that has more to do with the technological influence, or at least as much as it being prostitution does (especially when it's actual sex). The addictive nature of technology in general often leads to nulled results in all arenas of life. As for the techno culture, the world this comic portrays is a near preparation for what we might call Vegapunk City. There are issues raised in this comic which have to do with webcomic culture itself. If South Park's buffer's only a week, what if Sinfest's finally became a day? What do we do when our media is more caught up with current events than we are? Hm.

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