Twitter Lockout

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Tatsuya Ishida
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Twitter Lockout

Post by Tatsuya Ishida »

Just got locked out of Twitter for this comic. They say it's "hateful conduct."
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Re: Twitter Lockout

Post by RikkiTikkiTavi »

Twitter Ban: One of the best indications you have spoken the truth.
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Re: Twitter Lockout

Post by ZozoCitizen »

I burst out laughing. Good stuff.

Check it out, Tat. You're a renegade folk hero. The MAN is cracking down on your subversive art. Or is it the WOMAN? Or, perhaps, the THEY/THEM? Whatever you wanna call this particular flavor of oppressive regime. That lot doesn't like it when you hold up a mirror to them. They have a very specific (and delusional) idea of what they look like in their heads.

Good thing we can still see the comics on your site.
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Tired Mama
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Re: Twitter Lockout

Post by Tired Mama »

My oh my but it sure does suck to be just speaking your mind and have someoe kick you off the foru- Oh wait... :roll:
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Re: Twitter Lockout

Post by Russly »

This is the second time that I'm saying the following line. I totally didn't see this until now.

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