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Hi Everyone

Post by Kat »

Hi, I'm Kat.
I have been a long time reader of this comic, and I am enjoying the current story arc.

I am also enjoying the new forum.
I never posted on the old forum, I waded in there a few times and just decided it wasn't worth the headache.

Tat - you are a very brave man, I salute you.
"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act" George Orwell
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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by Z6IIAB »

heya kat, welcome ^^!
Call me Celina. This forum still have a long way to go until it gets filled with its intended public. And I'll do my best to help us reach that goal. I'm a battleaxe, and when you hear my voice it'll be as loud as a thunder and as clear as a blue sky.
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